Friday, October 21, 2011

Bad Blogger

I have been such a bad blogger I know….
But sometimes life just gets crazy and you get busy and over whelmed. I have just felt drained lately, in all aspects of my live and especially creatively.
And I have felt so guilty for not bloggin, because I just knew this was going to happen, but how do you bog if you haven’t done anything creative lately? If you haven’t even been inspired to try, well that’s not entirely true. I would read blog post and browse on pintrest and see all these wonderful creations and feel inspired until I got to my craft desk, I just couldn’t going. Sad since playing with all my lovely supplies is what really relaxes me.
The very generous blog candy I won from Paola really did the trick, I couldn’t wait to unpack and start to play! PS I’m now hooked on Stickles and seriously contemplating getting more copics : ). So that is just what I did, sat at my desk and just started to play around, not creating layouts or anything, just playing, trying new techniques .

I do intent to start blogging again and KEEPING IT UP, this time round. I even gave my little blog a make over to inspire me. A big Thank you to all my followers for not abandoning me!

Have a great day!