Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrapping goals for 2011

For the last two years I haven’t made any new years resolutions, I don’t stick to any of them and then I feel horribly let down in myself.
The Last year and a half I have been really focused on my Personal life and career and scrapping took a back seat, I slowly started to scrap again in about August / September 2010. I really enjoy scrapping and it relaxes me and just makes me feel so good to create. It really is like therapy. I really want to grow within my scrapbooking so this year most of my goals are Scrap related.
1) Start a blog - Check

2) I want to try new styles and techniques.
I really don’t understand why I’m sometimes scared to try new things, so what if it doesn’t look good, try again or just don’t use that style or technique.

3)I want try and journal on my pages. Even if the journaling is hidden.
I am not a great writer and my spelling sucks, but what I love most about other peoples scrapbooks are the stories, yet it’s the one thing I don’t do in my own scrapbooks. A while back some one was throwing away old albums, own was a leather bound album with black pages and photo corners, the pictures inside was that of a family member that was a nurse and went to work in Egypt. Beautiful black and white photos and on nearly every page she wrote names of the places in the photos or a little bit more of the people in the photos. That made me realizes that if someone paged through my scrapbook, what they would know about me and the story I’m trying to tell.

4) I want to play more.
I’m always so worried if something looks right. If I follow everyone else and don’t do what I want to I’m never going to find my own unique scrapping style.

5) I want to be published in one of our local magazines.
But before I attempted that I want to work on the previous goals.

6) I not going to buy beautiful scrapping supplies and save them for the right photo.
Its scrapbooking, making layouts not collecting beautiful supplies, I recently started to use some of my stash that I bought when I started, because I saved it or was too scared to use it because I was still a beginner.

7) I want to MAKE time to scrap, by waiting for free time I hardly scrap.

8) If I start a layout I must finish it!

9)Work on my scrap space.
At the moment I have miss match furniture and things all over the place. So I want to re furbish the furniture and finish off the room and try to keep is clean.

What are your goals for 2011?



  1. Hi Chantal, Welcome to the world of blogging. It's so much fun. My goal would be to scrap one or two pages a week. Hmm here we are into the fourth week and I am slightly behind target but hope to make it up :) ah keeping my scrap desk clean and tidy is a losing battle!

  2. Thank you Sue! I’m so excited about my little blog. Thank you for becoming a follower. I’m such a messy scrapper I can never find anything on my desk so that is one battle I need to keep fighting.
    Happy Scrapping!

  3. Hi Chantal, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and I'm glad you like it.

    That's a lot of goals you've set yourself there! I think my only goal is to improve my handwriting, it's so scruffy and I'd love to be able to write on the front of my cards!

    Just a little tip - you're best not replying to people's comments on your own blog as they probably won't know to check back. It's best to reply back on theirs so they see it :-)

  4. Hi Chantal, welcome to the blogging world. What a way to meet some awesome talented people. Glad you started your blog and now have that off your list. I am somewhat new to the blogging world, but I have to say I am so addicted to it. I do hope you meet the rest of your goals for the year. My goal is to scrap more and do more with my blog..........

  5. Hi Chantal, your blog is very pretty and colorful, I like it! One of my goals this year is to do more scrapping for myself and less for others! The other goal is to have my photos printed every month as I take them instead of waiting. I put all of my photos in 6 pocket photo pages and then pull from them to scrapbook. My DH likes my scrapbooking but still enjoys photo albums too. Have fun with blogging and look forward to following you.