Friday, November 4, 2011

Photo Post

Okay so i haven't really scraped yet...... I have started slowly but surely, but now I'm left with a few unfinished layout, that will just join the other pile of unfinished layouts. You know, the ones that are missing "something" or need something specific that you need to buy or that looked great in your minds eye when you planned it, but not so great on paper. Please tell me I'm not the only one that have so many uncompleted layouts that i could easily fill an album!
So in my attempt to be a better blogger I'm posting some photographs that I have taken lately.

I Love dandelions and i have always hoped to one of those big ones you see in Photos. I must admit I was so tempted to blow it and make a wish, but I just couldn't!

And lastly A rainy Sunday afternoon spent playing Paintball of all thing! The Photo was taken at Greystone Camp, 13km outside of Estcourt, Kwazulu-Natal. Over looking the Wagon Drift Dam.
Thank you for stopping by!


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  1. Both of you photos are stunning.
    My dad lived and worked in Africa when he was a young man, and loved talking about it with me.
    One day I will get there :)